Anxiety holds us back from a Vibrant Life

A well lived life involves moving beyond our fears

Tama Kieves, an amazing life coach (Awakening, shared these thoughts that have had a huge impact in my life and so I want to pass this on to you! So much of recovery from anxiety involves trusting in and listening to an intelligence that we all have inside of us, that is much more helpful than our fearful cave brains.

“Your heart calls you to step into an uncommon life, the life of living from inspiration instead of fear. I urge you to follow your call even if it is murky and frustrating, because nothing else will stir you in the same way. Many of us stop at the threshold of our extraordinary capabilities because we can’t see how to do something. We can’t figure out how things will happen. But that’s the delicious grace of this path. We can’t plan an inspired life. Your brain will never take you there. But your love can and will.

Your job is to follow your love again and again. To live the inspired life is to trust in a direction, hunch, or power that you can’t validate yet. But you can feel the truth in your bones, your gut, your heart, and your spirit. And this is a path of trusting what you recognize inside- more than the fleeting circumstances that you see outside.

,,,, your dearest dreams don’t lie. It may take time. But your inspiration is a prompting and a promise of all that you truly possess and the extraordinary life that  beckons you. Your dreams want to come true. They call you to let go of fear and step into your real life- a life that’s lush with meaning, freedom, and the dance of a lifetime. You will never regret following your love instead of your fear.”               Tama Kieves