Welcome to Leslie McKenna Counseling and Therapy in Hickory, NC.

Specializing in treating women with histories of trauma, body shame, sexual abuse, eating disorders, anxiety and depression.

If you have struggled with low self esteem, relationship issues, I may be able to assist you in learning skills that may enable you to make significant changes in how you are living your life.

Leslie McKenna Counseling

Counseling is often an opportunity to learn skills that most of us have never been taught during our childhoods or during school. Most of us muddle through with the modeling that we received by witnessing our parents and other important individuals along the way.

Science has now documented the neurobiological basis behind a sense of thriving and I instruct each of my clients in skills that are firmly based in brain science. You can significantly influence how you experience your “inner life” and in our sessions, we will work together collaboratively to ensure that you not only understand the neurobiology behind suffering, but are provided with skills that can move you into thriving, especially if you are diligent in practicing the skills that we discuss together.

I work with clients in Burke, Caldwell and Catawba counties and work with both individuals and couples.

Areas of Practice